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33, Pisces
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Important details of wiscogypsy1
Sexual PreferenceStraight
Height5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Weight180 - 200 lbs [80 - 90 kg]
Pubic HairTrimmed
What makes me horny
Remember what it was like to see the high school and literally anything and everything to give you a Boner most the time for me. It was the girls in front of me having their thong stick out. What do you want everything I can to get a ***k at what color their underwear was today. If I can see you up there skirt, the teachers big nipples, but it was more than that. It could be anything so take all that and time is it by like 2 1/2+ even weirder now I watch porn thats got incest, but I don’t wanna do incest in real life. Simplest answer, I can give you real raw sex, appeal, sexiness no fake moaning girls don’t need them on to act like we achieve something we didn’t. We know you want our money. We’re gonna give it to. You. Just enjoy us fucking each other
About me
Basically, I’m just gonna jerk off watching porn. I might not even have a mic on I’m not gay, but if you want to jerk off to me jerking off, that’s on you dude. You’re the one that has to live with the guilt taking a vantage of my nice penis with your eyeballs. I literally started this page because one of my good friends use this bad ass, sexy chick and I probably have no chance of winning this bad by the way, but I bet her that if we both started an account, I could probably make more money than her 😂 if you’re smart which I’m sure you probably most of you got it. I just wanted her to get naked cam so… worth it. Lol that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip. I do like money and I am entertaining you probably whether it sucks or not. I do not claim to be sexy. I’m not a dancer or to work or I don’t know any cool moves this ain’t Magic Mike Homeslice. You can still make some suggestions or constructive for this is so to let me know how to improve on the sexy factor tho. And who knows you might catch me in a good mood and I’m horny and freaky. Your suggestion might be something I attempt to try. Have fun damn horn balls.
What turns me off
Cigarettes gross yellow teeth, go to pull my hair after one time, because after one time I wore them that if they pull the hair I’m gonna freak out I’m not talking like in bed and I’m inside of the girl I’m talking like just pull my hair standing at a restaurant or trying to be cute. It’s not cute or funny. To make my point I fired all the strippers one night because one of them kept pulling my hair. If no one else is gonna say it, I’m just gonna fucking say it. The lesbians on this site, maybe one lesbian has been OK but also lesbians which you know I love lesbians, who won you know the only lesbians I don’t like or the rude ones that look like their basketball coach and think they’re better than everybody else and literally think they have cock, but what are the lesbians on this site so terrible they look like they are not lesbians, never wear lesbians and they’re trying so hard to be lesbians because they’re too lazy to get a real job. Just my opinion that’s what has me off OK bye
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